Mermaid Sighting Stories

Mermaid sighting stories have been taking place at an increased rate since 2013. Millions of people all over the world are fascinated by these creatures. So, the thought of finding a mermaid out in the ocean is something that gives them hope that these creatures really do exist. After all, what would be more thrilling than finding that people are not the only beings living in the world?

There was a famous reporting of a mermaid on Hilton Head Island located off the coast of South Carolina. It took place in 2017 but it was proven to be fake. In 2009 there was also a mermaid sighting in the town of Kiryat Yam, Israel. There was no evidence to prove that this creature was real.

However, the people that initially claimed they saw the mermaid had created a big disturbance. People came from all over the world trying to catch a glimpse of this creature. There was even a $1 million dollar reward for the first person who could photograph this creature. Keep in mind that no one ever claimed that reward to this day.

Christopher Columbus claimed that he saw mermaids during his voyage to America. An English sea captain by the name of Richard Whitbourne believed that he saw a mermaid back in the year 1610. In the year 1830, a young boy supposedly had killed a mermaid by throwing rocks at it. The incident surrounding this mermaid sighting story is one of the most famous in history.

This event took place in Scotland. Villagers actually seen the creature and claimed that it resembled a human girl with a fish tail instead of legs. They supposedly buried this creature but once again evidence of this incident is lacking. Mermaids just might be real. Until people have solid proof of their existence, these creatures will always remain fantastic beings of imagination, folklore and mystery.